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We take privacy seriously

We dont share anything with anyone. This means that we do not host social media buttons or other third-party services on our page, we only use analytics to improve the site, but its easy to opt-out.

We prefer anonymity

You can remain truly anonymous, the only thing we require for signup is your email address - we do not ask for any other personal information.

We remain quiet

We will never run ads on our page or send emails like newsletters, reminders or any other SPAM

We believe in freedom of choice

You are not locked-in: you can export your data whenever you like. Rest assured, your data is safe with us. It is stored encrypted on servers in Germany. Backups are created daily and stored off-site in various locations.

We like it simple and convenient

PwdSafe is a simple, yet powerful password manager: It does just the one thing: it manages passwords, but it does it exceptionally well.

If you need help

PwdSafe runs in completely automated in self-service mode, but if you need our help, just drop us a line or visit our frequently asked questions section.

A password manager as it should be:
user friendly, responsive, resilient, reliable and safe.

Store your passwords safely protected by strong encryption. Access your passwords everywhere on any device. Remember just one master-password. Organize your accounts. Decrypt your passwords only locally on your device. Generate unique, strong passwords with one click. Find the password you need immediately. Test the strength of your passwords. Export your data. Best of all: PwdSafe is free!